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The main features of KOLUMBUS’s services are :

(a) Effective marketing network in the UK, USA & India. In addition to my
services in Europe, my uncle Dr. Vijay Khandekar, has been successfully
providing this service in Pune (India) for the last 20 yrs. Our marketing
network is very effective and we are fully integrated on the computer network.
Our joint efforts have been very successful.

(b) The registration cost is very reasonable.

(c) Full confidentiality & privacy is assured to each member.

(d) Advertising facilities in ethnic newspapers and periodicals .

(e) “Organised Evenings” for members to mingle with each other because I
think, it is very important to be seen.

All those who are registered with KOLUMBUS have reached a situation where they have an excellent career but do not have enough time or opportunities to socialise and find their own partner. I organise dinners or one-to-one meetings for my members. I have enclosed a short list from my database
to convince you of the quality of my clientele.

KOLUMBUS makes an earnest request to you to spread a word among your
friends and relatives and recommend our services to them. I think, such a
dedicated service is a social need to tackle this sensitive social problem.
You would be helping us to serve the society better and to contribute to its
welfare and happiness. xxx

Personalised & Confidential Service

Dr. Madhavi Amdekar - (London) Mobile : (+44) 07931334019 dmamdekar@aol.com


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