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Thank you for choosing Kolumbus matrimonial! 

Highlights: – Better, Cheaper, Easier and even across the Internet Cyberspace.

Advertising facilities in popular periodicals and newspapers.

Facility of web site

“Organised evenings – speed dating” for all interested members few times a year

Membership Details:

Become a Kolumbus member now, by completing the attached membership form, return with an annual membership fee of only £50 and registration fee of £100.= £150/  $250.

On receipt of your membership details, your particulars and expectations are matched, with care, with other Kolumbus members.

We will convey the results of the matching process to you and then you are introduced to the appropriate client, to make further progress. 

A settlement fee of £250 will become due when members are joined in the wedlock.

Kolumbus assures your complete privacy and confidentiality

Personalised & Confidential Service

Dr. Madhavi Amdekar - (London) Mobile : (+44) 07931334019 dmamdekar@aol.com


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