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                         Welcome to our Kolumbus International Website!


The purpose of this bureau is to introduce my organisation and the services it seeks to provide, primarily, to the professional Indian community settled abroad.

The members of the Indian community face a lot of problems on the subject of marriage and only a few alternatives are available as solutions to mitigate this. The major problems are :

  • Finding a suitable partner from the Indian subcontinent; it is increasingly becoming difficult to find a good match from India, primarily due to the significant cultural differences in upbringing in India and abroad.

  • The lack of co-ordinated effort in collecting and dissemination of information about eligible youngsters living in India and abroad.

  • Most of the Indian professionals lead an active career and find very little time to socialise and make any effort to find a suitable partner.

  • After a certain age, it is difficult to initiate new introductions as the opportunities considerably diminish.

  • There is a definite need for an independent and confidential service, which is dedicated to help individuals in finding a partner of similar values and culture.

Personalised & Confidential Service

Dr. Madhavi Amdekar - (London) Mobile : (+44) 07931334019 dmamdekar@aol.com

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